The point of use industry finance software is to make accounting easier and more trustworthy. And QuickBooks—in all versions—is an easy program to use. But you can make it easier.

I'll utilize QuickBooks Pro, the most well known version, as I give cases. Its landing page comprises of a graphical stream outline showing the regularly utilized capacities and how they stream together. Every fundamental segment of the program (Customers, Vendors, and Employees) has its own "inside," a page that gives navigational apparatuses to utilizing its elements. For instance, the Customer Center shows a rundown of clients and occupations; tap on one and you'll see that element's data and a rundown of important exchanges. A toolbar at the top takes you to related undertakings, for example, Excel and Word reconciliation, new exchanges, and new clients and occupations.

The business Snapshot is a different usability element that provides a big deal of information at a glance. You can see your revenue and expenses graphed; tables displaying account balance, clients who owe funds, and vendors to give; and alerts. This page is a large way to start your company day, since you can see quickly what accounting tasks need to be tackled soon.

There are different ways, though, to speed up and simplify your interaction with QuickBooks.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

Just as in other Windows-based applications, there are numerous keyboard shortcuts you can use in QuickBooks. Here are a few:

  • Ctrl-F: Find transaction
  • Ctrl-I: Create invoice
  • Ctrl-J: Open Customer Center
  • Ctrl-E: Edit transaction selected in register
  • Ctrl-M: Memorize transaction or report
  • Ctrl-W: Write new check
  • Ctrl-Q: QuickReport on transaction or list item
  • Ctrl-N: New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
  • Ctrl-T: Open memorized transaction list
  • Ctrl (while opening): Start QuickBooks without a company file
2. Customize the icon bar

QuickBooks accompanies a default symbol bar at the highest point of the screen. You can include, evacuate, or change the symbols to better suit your work needs.

To remove a symbol: Go to the View menu and snap Customize Icon Bar. Select the symbol you need to evacuate and click Delete.

To modify a symbol: Go to View | Customize Icon Bar and snap Add. Select the coveted thing from the rundown and change the mark and portrayal in the event that you wish. Click OK.

To adjust a symbol: Go to View | Customize Icon Bar and select the thing you need to alter. Click Edit, roll out your improvements, and snap OK.

The Customize Icon Bar window gives you a chance to roll out different improvements to the symbol bar. You can likewise include separators between symbols, change the request in which symbols show up, and select to demonstrate both symbols and content or symbols as it were.

3. Use the QuickMath Calculator

This is cool, especially if you miss the old calculator tape that used to come out of the machine. QuickBooks has its own calculator (click Edit | Use Calculator), but it's more fun to use the QuickMath Calculator.

Click inside the field where you want to calculate (say, the amount field on a check).

Press = and a mini-tape will appear.

Type the numbers you want to calculate, followed by the appropriate sign (+, -, /, *, or =).

Click C once to clear an entry, twice to clear the tape.

Press Esc to cancel.

4. Use program preferences

QuickBooks has a setup wizard that helps you lay the groundwork for your company, but it's not comprehensive: There are many more decisions you need to make that aren't covered by the wizard.

Click Edit | Preferences to open the Preferences window. Among the options you can set here are:

  • Do you track time?
  • Do you want a one-window or multi-window view?
  • What are the default accounts for activities like writing checks and paying bills?
  • What is the default annual interest rate?
  • Do you create estimates?
  • Do you want to use inventory and purchase orders?
  • Do you charge sales tax?
  • Do you want to use payroll?
  • Do you want to use multiple currencies?
  • What reminders would you like?