Using QuickBooks Administrator Password Removal Service

If you forget QuickBooks Administrator password for company file, you can rearrange it using the QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service. This is an automated service device built into the QuickBooks software that will have you perform the following steps:

  • Fill out the QuickBooks Administrator Password Reset form to obtain a Password Reset Code
  • Enter the Password Reset Code to remove the current QuickBooks Administrator password
  • Create a new QuickBooks Administrator password for your company file

Note: This article apply to reset only QuickBooks Administrator password. If you are not QuickBooks Administrator but you still need to reset your QuickBooks password, please contact your QuickBooks Administrator for assistance.

Before You Start

Filling out the QuickBooks Administrator Password Reset form requires specific information accurately found in your Intuit Account. Before you begin, it is very important that you log into your Intuit Account at and collect the following information:

  • QuickBooks 15-digit license number
  • Full name (first and last) of an authorized contact on the account
  • Email address of the same authorized contact
  • Business Phone Number
  • Zip Code
Contact Intuit Support to Further Troubleshoot

The QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service is not generally effective in resetting the QuickBooks Administrator password. On the off chance that your Intuit Account data or Password Reset Code is rejected or you generally experience odd blunders, at that point please restart QuickBooks totally and give filling a shot the frame once more. In the event that you are as yet unfit to reset your QuickBooks Administrator secret key even subsequent to restarting QuickBooks, you should contact Intuit Support for assist help.

Note: That HarborCloud has no influence over or capacity to modify any QuickBooks client’s qualifications or consents. Kindly don't contact HarborCloud to reset the QuickBooks Administrator password, as we are feeble to do as such. Rather, call Intuit Support utilizing the number underneath: